Kamis, 04 November 2010

This time have a dream that is very high that you want to achieve, a dream that we may be impossible to achieve with our current situation? Is it possible we are now degraded and be ridiculed by friends, relatives, or even the parents when we told them we dream?

If we say yes, we do not feel dispirited and despondent. Instead, we should be proud and happy because we had just entered the initial steps of success. Why? Because the foundation of success is the dream we have. Each person has a certain success begins with the dream.

If to this we often do is dream passive, now may be time for us to try to change the dream we become passive and active dream in the reality of our lives so that we not only live in a dream world.

Do not forget to always bring us to dream and wherever we go, wherever we are, in various conditions and situations are what is befalling us. We must always trust and believe that the dream that we have achieved through the efforts of our diligent and not give up and not know for sure to ask the help of God. Thus the success we will be able to get. dream and believe!

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pandora mengatakan...

so make ur dream come true ;)

tomo mengatakan...

good dream I want

uswah islam mengatakan...

meski kagak begitu paham bahasa england
aku kira aku ingin bermimpi ke tempat yang palin nikmat di seluruh jagad raya

Hikmah Teladan mengatakan...

impian bisa menjadikan penyemangat

Unknown mengatakan...


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harly mengatakan...

sobat ku
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Outbound Training Malang mengatakan...

salam sukses gan, bagi2 motivasi .,
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sherlina mengatakan...


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