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Selasa, 02 Desember 2008

Useless if you make a web or blog with the view that user-friendly or more content, but does not have visitors or to visit some of the web or your blog.

To increase traffic, there can be promoted by online or offline. Way as that, evidently able to give statistics of visits by the dozen. There is nothing wrong in promoting your blog or website.

Campaign offline
Create business cards, stickers, ads, banners, or other and then write the web address or your blog. Sticker on the vehicle to provide you with the web address or your blog.

Campaign online
Search Engine is the first address that is currently most widely used to search for information. Therefore, registration or web address of your blog in search engines. But don''t use the software to be able to submit thousands of search engines, because of the possibilities will be considered spamming. Make peace with the more manual (better than that '). Here are some search engines:

Together with the army forum
Besides the above ways, you can force the joint to the discussion forum and mailing list that matches the title of your blog or website is, of course.

Link / banner exchange
To transfer from the ad or the URL link with the owner of another domain.

Writing Articles
Writing articles about the title or on the web blog that provides a place for you to write. Or you can also create a free ebook alloted and don''t forget, at the end of the article or ebook from you, your URL in the calculation.

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