Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

On the Internet, you can earn money from website visitors who download your file. One website that earnings are Ziddu. Revenue provided Ziddu not great, but you can try it out. Ziddu will provide $ 0.1 Earnings per referral and downlaod the file is from $ 0001 per download. Revenue from Ziddu is additional revenue for your blog or website and can be tested.

You can open an account Ziddu here, click on the banner.

Then you have to do is:

Tips 1
Create a page on your website or blog with the title Free Ebook, where on the page, you provide a list of the ebook can be downloaded for free. You can find the ebook can be distributed for free. Please remember, the ebook you enter on the page Free Ebook ebook is permitted by the owner to be distributed for free.
Create a page with the Free Ebook on your website or blog, you automatically provide additional features / content that are useful for visitors to your blog. And you get revenue from it, although not great. But most importantly, the content you provide a free ebook to visitors to the blog. Visitors like the free ebook and you can continue to expand the list of free ebook when you find a new and useful ebook to your visitors.
You can see a sample page on the Free Ebook by clicking this link. You can download the list and add the ebook itself will you find and useful for visitors to the website or blog of your own. And more than a page Free Ebook, you can also add pages Free Image, Free Wallpapers, Free MP3, Free Games, Free Audio and others.

Tips 2.
Share downloaded files into several parts when possible. If at first instance, you combine 3 files in 1 zip folder. Now you can memecahnya in 3 files downloaded by each visitor of your website.

Tips 3.
In the blog visitors will download a file from ziddu, they will go through 2 pages before downloading. And you need to do is to simplify the number of pages is the way modify the code download:
- Sample Page Download the file given by Ziddu is like this:

- You add the word file on the link to:

with the number of pages it will help visitors to download them more easily.

Do it and you promosikanlah website as usual. Revenue from downloading this file is the additional revenue that can be tested. Hopefully useful.

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