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Rabu, 29 April 2009

Design and content like google:
Sites with a clear layout and use as link text (not images). Each page can be achieved with one static text link.
Have a site map that allows visitors, if a site map page there are more than 100 links, then separate them in another page.
Contain information that is useful, solid and clear its contents.
Think about what words people search for to open your website, make sure that in the web you really there is the word.
Try to use text, not images to explain the name, content, or links. Google crawler does not recognize text in images.
Make sure the title accurately and ALT attributes.
Check whether the link is dead and one of HTML code.
If you use dynamic pages (for example URL with a "?", Beware that not every search engine can index the page dinamic. Sesingkat Create a parameter and it may be possible.
Link on a page less than 100 units.

Things that are prohibited from google:
Do not create a different page when visitors or search engines (cloaking).
Do not use tricks to improve search engine ranking. An easy way to increase ranking in google is to ask yourself: Is my web useful to visitors?
Do not exchange links with exchange website or blog is not related to its website or your blog (link schemes).
Do not use the tool to automatically submit page or check page rank, google does not recommend a program such as WebPosition Gold.
Avoid or text link that is not visible (very small or the same as the background color)
Do not use cloaking or sneaky redirect.
Do not use auto submit to search engines.
Do not fill pages with keywords that are not Relevant.
Do not create pages, subdomains, or domains with the exact same content.
Do not create a page devoted to phishing, install a virus, trojan, or other badware.
Avoid the doorway that is only created for search engines.
Avoid pages that only contain affiliate programs with little or no original content.
If your site contains about the affiliate program, make sure that your site has added value.
Fill your website with any posts that is unique (not a copy-paste) and relevant content.

Suggestions from google (Google Friendly Site):
Give visitors the information they need with high quality information.
Make sure to install another website link to your website. In determining rank, Google combines the number of links that lead to your website (PageRank) and the content of your website.
Create a website that is easy in terms of navigation. All pages must be connected with at least one text link.
Avoid the "cloaking" or pay for SEO service, the company that offers can increase your position on search engines. Many methods are done by SEO Service in violation of this provision google.

How, now check whether your website or blog in accordance with the criteria above?
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tempat templates gratis

Minggu, 05 April 2009

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tips bagi yang baru membuat blogger

Bagi Anda yang baru membuat blogger. Saya punya tips nich...mungkin saja berguna buat Anda-Anda yang suka mengedit blog...

Jangan berkecil hati dengan komentar orang lain, namun jangan pula kasar dalam mengeluarkan pendapat karena dapat mengakibatkan pembaca setia anda kabur.
Anda tidak perlu menjawab setiap kritikan yang anda terima. Beberapa orang hanya mencari perhatian dengan menulis komentar yang negatif. Abaikan dan blokir mereka jika perlu.
Dibutuhkan waktu agar blog anda mempunyai jumlah pengunjung. Jadi bersabarlah dan teruslah membuat tulisan yang berkualitas.
Tulislah apa yang anda ketahui dan sukai. Jangan sering menulis tentang topik yang sedang dibincangkan. Kecintaan pada satu topik akan terlihat pada tulisan anda.
Jangan menulis ketika anda sedang marah. Karena anda dapat menulis sesuatu yang akan disesali nantinya. Jika anda tetap mempublikasikannya, simpan tulisan tersebut secara private sampai anda tenang kembali.
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